Developing the wireless
electronics of tomorrow.  

About us

ShortLink is a center of excellence with a focus on developing energy efficient electronics for wireless communication and portable products. With over 20 years of experience, we help our customers to develop the optimum solutions for each task.

The ShortLink Group consists of two affiliated companies – ShortLink AB, which focuses on research and development, and ShortLink Compliance AB, which is dedicated to testing activities at its own Test Center.

The electronics of tomorrow – today

We provide our customers with competitive and innovative electronics solutions, and much of what we do has not been done before. Whether we are engaged on a smaller part of a project, i.e. circuit board design, or more broadly, i.e. platform development, our overall expertise gives our customers unique added value.

Over the years we have gained unique experience and know-how in the field of developing electronics. Together with our ability to find innovative solutions where others have failed, we can proudly claim that we are developing the electronics of tomorrow today.

Through the ShortLink Compliance Test Center, we offer both EMC and radio testing. With our roots in wireless communication, we have adapted the test facility for the requirements of developing and measuring complex radio systems and small built-in antennas. Combined with our expertise in troubleshooting and developing remedies quickly and effectively, we can always help you find competitive solutions.

We have substantial expertise in certification requirements and regulatory issues worldwide, and can support you through the entire development and testing process up to certification and product launch.

A brief history

ShortLink’s history began in the mid 1990s when, as a relatively new technology consulting company, we presented our own concept for energy-efficient wireless communication to the telecommunications company Ericsson. This resulted in the first wireless headset for cellular telephones. Our highly advanced (for the time), low power technology was the solution that made such a headset possible and was one of the cornerstones in creating what would later become Bluetooth.
Our passion for developing wireless and portable electronics solutions has grown over the years. Today, we help our customers launch new, innovative products onto the market.

With a high level of commitment and substantial engineering know-how, we can manage the entire project for you – from the initial product concept all the way to market access and serial production. Please feel free to contact us – we look forward to taking on your challenges.

We are a reliable partner with more than 20 years of experience in the wireless world. Our main office and R & D department is located in Karlstad, Sweden, and our Test Center, ShortLink Compliance, is located nearby in Säffle.

ISO 9001:2015

For us, quality is in every detail and we are ISO 9001:2015 certified.

ISO9001 Certificate Shortlink

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Shortlink AB
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Tel: +46 (0)54-240 200

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