20 years of experience of ASIC development


Our main focus

  • Low power mixed signal ASIC
  • Low power RF ASIC
  • Mixed, digital and RF ASIC

The use of customized ASICs (Application Specific Integrated Circuit) makes it possible to achieve unique performance, such as extremely low power consumption and miniaturization. Low production costs and good protection against illegal copying are other in-demand advantages.

In addition to RF ASIC, we are also skilled at designing ASICs for applications where extremely long battery life is required. These are often circuits with demanding analog functions together with micro-controllers on a single circuit – known as “System on Chip”.

Over the years we have gained extensive experience with design solutions that outperform standard components in a given application; often these are also extremely compact designs.

Complete work flow for turnkey ASIC from specification to tape out

ASIC information extended R0.1.docx

Design tools

  • We use ASIC design tools from Cadence
  • We are absolutely fluent in using these tools and we have, over the years, accumulated an extensive experience on the tool set from Cadence

Silicon verification and production set-up for turnkey ASIC

ASIC information extended R0.1.docx

A few examples of customs designs

Ultra-low power RF receiver ASIC for hearing audio products

ASIC information extended R0.1.docx

Digital Mini RF-receiver

  • RF 868 MHz receiver for digital audio streaming
  • Ultra-Low Power 1V 3mA
  • RF and digital ASIC
  • Complete project: Specification, design, verification and production set-up  ASIC in production
  • Process: 0.35 µm
  • RF: complete receiver with LNA, mixers, PLL and base-band
  • Digital: demodulator, SPI interface, state machine
    successfully in production

Audio processing ASIC



  • Low power audio processing ASIC
  • Mixed Signal ASIC
  • Turnkey project Specification  IC in production
  • Process: 0.18 µm, 6 metal layers
  • Analogue: amplifiers, ADC, audio, oscillators, DC/DC, AGC
  • Digital: > 1Mgates, hardware acceleration of audio signal processing algorithms e.g. noise reduction.
  • External IP: audio processing algorithms
  • Large digital part together with analogue blocks  extensive digital and mixed-signal verification
  • First pass success.

Low power RF TRX ASIC



  • RF and mixed signal ASIC
  • Turnkey project Specification  IC in production
  • Process: 0.15 µm
  • Analogue: RF front-end, PLL synthesizer, ADC, DC/DC
  • Digital: MCU, control logic, SRAM
  • External IP: multiple SRAM
  • Large digital part including multiple external IP blocks and RF transceiver  extensive digital and mixed-signal verification
  • First pass success.

Examples of silicon proven in-house IP

This is an example-list of our in-house proven IP, which is ready to implement in your design. With our extensive experience in ASIC design, we are very familiar in converting and/or tune our in-house IP to comply with your specifications.

IP-block [pdf]

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