Electric vehicles, Bluetooth Smart RF link

The challenge

An electric vehicle is an invaluable aid that helps people with physical disabilities to live an active and independent life. Our task was to enable users to easily adjust the vehicle’s features and performance using a smartphone. In addition to demanding performance, our challenge was a limited schedule with a global launch and deadline that could not be altered.

The solution

Bluetooth Smart was the best alternative for the communication link in this project, and we developed an extremely energy-efficient discrete RF design for this purpose. Our extensive experience made it possible to quickly design critical radio components, such as baluns and antenna matching networks.

We also carried out a thorough examination of the certification requirements around the world, as a global launch was imminent. Thanks to our own Test Center we could quickly conduct EMC and radio testing to ensure that the design was on track and that it fulfilled relevant standards in all countries where the product would be launched.

The result

A satisfied customer who could launch its product globally – on schedule!
We delivered a fully functional design in accordance with all of the customer’s requirements, despite a very tight schedule. Thanks to the verified measurements carried out by our Test Center, global certification went through without delay.

Relevant competencies: wireless: hardware construction, standard protocols, regulatory requirements. Test Center: EMC and radio testing.

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