Headset with active sound protection for everyday and extreme situations

The challenge

Hearing protectors are an essential item of protective equipment in many workplaces. The disadvantage is that they make everyday life a little more complicated. Every time someone wants to talk to you, they have to be removed and in certain situations you can even miss important information – including warnings. For this reason, active sound protection in hearing protectors is required by many people. Our assignment was to develop electronics, which would permit active sound protection without the user risking hearing damage as a result of noise and high level impulse sound.

The solution

Once again our cutting-edge expertise within system and ASIC design was invaluable. We developed an ASIC active sound protection circuit which effectively reduces harmful noise at the same time that it provides hiss-free, clear and pleasant sound without irritating disruptions and lag. Power consumption is also important and the circuit draws very little power in both stand-by and active mode – the battery lifetime is several years. The ASIC circuit controls sound damping and amplification, plus driver stages for the speakers in the headset. The circuit also contains a built-in microprocessor, which can be given different functions to make the circuit usable in a number of different products.


We have developed an ASIC platform for products that require active sound protection with high levels of quality and performance. The hearing protection containing the circuit is today market-leading and greatly appreciated for its long battery-time and well-balanced sound image, which facilitates work for the wearer.

Relevant skills: system architecture and ASIC development.

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