RaySafe X2 – simplified measurement and calibration of X-ray equipment


We are becoming ever more accustomed to the equipment around us functioning intuitively and without complicated manuals. It isn’t the technology which is important, but what it does – and simple operation is therefore an important factor for Unfors RaySafe. With their RaySafe X2 product, quality control of X-ray equipment is radically simplified as the user need not position the sensor and choose any settings, which in turn reduces the risk of user error and thereby makes the measurement results correct and easier to interpret. Our role was to further develop the ASIC platform that we had previously developed for the company’s dosimeter and which today is used in several of their measurement products.

The challenge

The foundation was extensive system design work in order to develop a platform that fulfilled the customer’s requirements for miniaturization, performance and cost-effectiveness. The solution is a customer-specific ASIC circuit which copes with extreme demands for low input offset, high sensitivity and very little thermal production as a result of extremely low power consumption. Requirements that no standard components can match.

The advanced form now measures even more quickly and because the circuit can handle several channels it can be positioned directly on a stack of sensors, which means that measurement is not direction-sensitive. Without the ASIC circuit, the product would also have become too large and unwieldy. To ensure that the customer received a production-ready solution, we collaborated closely with our Test Center, Shortlink Compliance, testing the product in terms of EMC and radio.


Advanced sensor technology and electronics in combination with intelligent signal processing now characterize RaySafe’s cutting edge product, which is market leading – in fact it has no competitors. We have delivered a working platform for advanced measurement technology which facilitates work in the X-ray department.

Relevant skills: system architecture, ASIC development, wireless technology, specially adapted protocols, regulatory requirements. Test Center: EMC and radio testing.

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