Silicon IP – ShortLink Radio IP

ShortLink offers a number of RF transceiver IPs that have been successfully used in many ASIC projects and are silicon proven across several process nodes. The radio IPs have varying feature sets. A sample of available features for some of the transceivers are listed below. Please contact us for further information regarding your specific needs. Sub-blocks such as transmitter, receiver, PLL, frontend can be licensed separately if desired. 


  • Radio Transceiver
    • Multi-band 433/868/915MHz
    • 802.15.4-2015 compliant
  • Radio Reception
    • Analog Physical Rx Interface (RX/TX Switch, LNA, Q/I-sampling, filters, ADCs)
    • Digital RX Interface (Mixer, channel filter, demodulator, clock recovery, AFC, ED, LQI)
    • Support for GFSK, BPSK, O-QPSK
  • Radio Transmission
    • PLL Based Analog Physical Tx Interface (PLL, VCO, PA)
    • Digital TX Interface (GFSK, BPSK, OQPSK modulator, pulse shaping)
    • Programmable packet format
  • Radio Management
    • RF State machine, whitening
    • Register interface block,
    • Data FIFO
    • Digital Test Logic
  • Optional 32kHz Crystal Oscillator interface for PLL
  • APB Bus interface