The Internet of Things is where the Internet and the physical world meet. Objects, vehicles, buildings and people, to name just a few examples, are equipped with radio and able to communicate. We are increasingly growing accustomed to and learning to use wireless technology, because we want to monitor and control everything. And the transformation has just begun.

The future is wireless.

With extensive experience and unique, holistic expertise in wireless communication, we can help you take the lead in your field, regardless of your product area.

We offer holistic knowledge within radio:

  • Antenna development
  • Hardware
  • Software
  • Radio protocols
  • EMC and radio testing

We have a solid, comprehensive expertise covering everything from the initial stage of development, through design and testing, to a product ready for market launch. Unique know-how that is available to you for many kinds of development projects.


When size is important and performance has to be excellent, our antenna team springs into action. Having been involved in developing antennas for brands such as Apple, Nokia and Ericsson, we have extensive knowledge and expertise.

One of the major challenges today is wireless communications for the Internet of Things. Portable, often very small, devices demand micro antennas that still provide superior performance and stability. Together with our Test Center, we can offer a unique holistic process for antennas – from design to verification and measurement.

Hardware design

With more than 20 years’ experience of advanced electronics development and performance optimization, we can offer a complete service for the design of portable low power and wireless communication – both with discrete components and standard IC circuits at board level or completely integrated silicon solutions in the form of ASICs (i.e. non-standard tailor-made IC circuits).

By managing our projects from the initial concept to finished product, we can deliver time-efficient high-performance solutions.

For example:

  • The design of RF circuits with optimum performance for your product, often including small specially designed built-in antennas

  • Compact board solutions with foldable, flexible circuit boards containing complex embedded systems 

  • ASIC solutions with unique functionality and performance combined with a very low production cost – for high volumes these can give your products unique customer benefits, a market-leading position and increased profits
  • Protocol development

    When your application requires, we develop customized protocols fully optimized to your specific requirements and without unnecessary overhead. This results in optimum performance, robust transmission and a long battery life. When general standards simply don’t offer the best solution, we are happy to help you solve your challenges.

    Better range, lower power consumption and higher security are just a few of the many challenges we are accustomed to solving with our protocols. Standard protocols, such as Bluetooth, always have limitations due to the requirements set by a large variety of applications and application areas, which inevitably lead to compromises in the protocol’s architecture and design.

    Regulatory expertise

    In order to launch a product on the market, a number of different requirements need to be met. These requirements can vary from one country to the next, and to get a product approved can often be a complex and time-consuming process. For us, however, it’s just business as usual.

    Our Test Center has the expertise, equipment and procedures required to guide you around any pitfalls – we measure and verify that your products really do fulfill all requirements for all markets!

    Bluetooth and Wi-Fi

    Nowadays, more and more people are connected constantly, wherever they are, and digital platforms increasingly contain smart applications and web services. Though the technology is still only in its infancy, we have already gained a significant head start. And our expertise and experience enable us to help you implement Bluetooth, Bluetooth Smart and Wi-Fi in different applications; for example in the Internet of Things.

    Our everyday work is focused on transforming your ideas into reality. With more than 20 years of experience and unique expertise in electronics solutions, we are pushing development forward and beyond the current standard, in line with our motto – small, wireless and energy-efficient. Please feel free to challenge us!

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