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The use of IP blocks is a very important part of almost all ASIC design projects. Using existing designs and leveraging existing knowledge reduces cost, risk and time plan. ShortLink has a large catalogue of in-house developed IP blocks in a variety of technologies available for licensing. 

Our design engineers will provide you with support and integration help and are also available for IP customization or modification if desired. We are experienced in porting analogue IP blocks between process nodes and foundries – an invaluable skill to reduce risk and cost during development while maintaining flexibility. We also offer our ASIC design services for new IP designs. 

Below is a non-exhaustive list of our available IP. 

Do not hesitate to contact us for a free IP consultation if you have questions or can’t find exactly what you are looking for. Our IP blocks are available in a number of process nodes from several foundries, from 40nm CMOS to high voltage technologies.

More information on our Radio IPs can be found here.

A selection of available silicon IP

SL150_Sub1GHzTrx_1RFComplete RF Transceiver 868 & 915 MHz. Data rate 1.2k to 500 kbps.Silicon Proven
SL150_Sub1GHzRx_1RFRF Receiver 868 & 915 MHz. Data rate 1.2k to 500 kbps.Silicon Proven
SL150_Sub1GHzTx_1RFRF Transmitter 868 & 915 MHz. Data rate 1.2k to 500 kbps. PLL Based.Silicon Proven
SL40LP_Sub1GHzTrx_1RFComplete RF Transceiver 433, 868 & 915 MHz. IEE 802.15.4-2015 CompliantPre-Silicon
SL40LP_Sub1GHzRx_1RFRF Receiver 433, 868 & 915 MHz. IEE 802.15.4-2015 CompliantPre-Silicon
SL40LP_Sub1GHzTx_1RFRF Transmitter 433, 868 & 915 MHz. IEE 802.15.4-2015 Compliant. PLL Based.Pre-Silicon
SL150_433MHzTrx_1RFComplete RF Transceiver 433 MHz. Data rate 128 kbps (Rx/Tx), 3+Mbps (Tx)Silicon Proven
SL150_433MHzRx_1RFRF Receiver 433 MHz. Data rate 128 kbps.Silicon Proven
SL150_433MHzTx_1RFRF Transmitter 433 MHz. Data rate 128 kbps (Rx/Tx), 3+Mbps (Tx). PLL Based.Silicon Proven
SL130_58GHzTrx_1RFComplete RF Transceiver 5.8GHzSilicon Proven
SL130_58GHzRx_1RFRF Receiver 5.8 GHz. Silicon Proven
SL130_58GHzRxELP_1RFRF Receiver 5.8 GHz Extreme Low PowerSilicon Proven
SL130_58GHzTx_1RFRF Transmitter 5.8GHzSilicon Proven
SL40LP_2G1PLL_1PLLPLL Fractional-N. 1500 - 2100MHzPre-Silicon
SL150_0G9PLL_1PLLPLL Fractional-N. 900MHzSilicon Proven
SL150_1G8PLL_1PLLPLL Fractional-N. 1800MHzSilicon Proven
SL180_32MPLL_1PLLPLL Fractional-N. Extreme low jitter (1pS RMS)Pre-Silicon
SL150_SubGHzFE_1RFRF Front-End (LNA & Mixer) 868 & 915MHzSilicon Proven
SL40LP_Sub1GHzFE_1RFRF Front-End (LNA & Mixer) 433, 868 & 915MHzPre-Silicon
SL150_14bSDADC_1ADCAnalog-To-Digital Converter, Sigma Delta, 14 bit, 8.5MSPSSilicon Proven
SL180_20bSDADC_1ADCAnalog-To-Digital Converter, Sigma Delta Continuous Time, 20 bitPre-Silicon
SL130_8bSARADC_1ADCAnalog-To-Digital Converter, Successive Approximation (SAR), 8 bit, 100 KSPSSilicon Proven
SL40LP_10bSDADC_1ADCAnalog-To-Digital Converter, Sigma Delta, 10 bit, 32MSPSPre-Silicon
SL180_12bSARADC_1ADCAnalog-To-Digital Converter, Successive Approximation (SAR), 12 bit, 20KSPSPre-Silicon
SL180_AudioMicIn_1AudioMicrophone Input (Audio Amplifier & ADC), 20kHz audio BW, 70dB SNRSilicon Proven
SL150_AudioMicIn_1AudioMicrophone Input (Audio Amplifier & ADC), 20kHz audio BW, 70dB SNRSilicon Proven
SL180_AudioSDDAC_1AudioAudio DAC, Sigma Delta, 20kHz BW, >80dB SNRSilicon Proven
SL150_AudioSDDAC_1AudioAudio DAC, Sigma Delta, 20kHz BW, >80dB SNRSilicon Proven
SL180_AudioSpkr_1AudioSpeaker Driver, Class A/B, 20kHz BWSilicon Proven
SL150_AudioSpkr_1AudioSpeaker Driver, Class A/B, 20kHz BW, 8 ohm loadSilicon Proven
SL150ULP_UltraSndIf_1InterfaceUltrasonic Front-end, 20-80 dB gain, 2-100MHz BWSilicon Proven
SL180_RSDSTx_1InterfaceRSDS (LVDS derivative) Tx interface, 32MbpsPre-Silicon
SL180_24bHVDAC_1DACHigh-Voltage DAC (Reconstruction Filter), +-8V differential output, 24bitPre-Silicon
SL150_36MHzXO_1XOCrystal Oscillator, 20-36MHzSilicon Proven
SL40LP_32MHzXO_1XOCrystal Oscillator, Ultrastable spec, Usable for PLLPre-Silicon
SL150_32KHzLPDCO_1DCOLow Power DCO, 32kHzSilicon Proven
SL350_8MHzDCO_1DCODCO 8MHzSilicon Proven
SL180_CAMP_1MiscCharge Amplifier, correlated double sampling, sample & holdPre-Silicon
SL180_HVSwitch_1MiscHigh-Voltage Fast Timing Critical Switch, 18VPre-Silicon
SL150_TempComp_1TempTemperature & Voltage Measurement Comparator, 0.1C toleranceSilicon Proven
SL180_TempMeas_1TempTemperature & Voltage Monitoring Unit, 0.1C resolution (incl SAR ADC)Pre-Silicon
SL350UHV_TempProt_1TempTemperature Shutdown ProtectionPre-Silicon
SL150_1V2BG_1RefBandgap Reference 1.2V OutputSilicon Proven
SL40LP_1V2BG_1RefBandgap Reference 1.22V bandgap, 1V & 0.5V OutputPre-Silicon
SL180_1VRef_1RefReference Voltage Generator, 1V Output, 2.5V external referencePre-Silicon
SL150_1V2AdjLDO_1VregVoltage Regulator (LDO), 1.2 to 1.9V OutputSilicon Proven
SL40LP_1V1LDO_1VregVoltage Regulator (LDO), 1.1V OutputPre-Silicon
SL180_HVREG_1VregLow Noise Differential High Voltage Regulator (Vout +-2 to +-8V, configurable during operation)Pre-Silicon
SL180_1V8LDO_1VregVoltage Regulator (LDO) for PLL, 1.8V OutputPre-Silicon
SL350_DCDCBuck_1PowerDC/DC Buck Converter, 0.9 to 3.6V, 1ASilicon Proven
SL350_LED_1PowerLED Driver, 0.5ASilicon Proven
SL350UHV_400VHbridge_1PowerHigh Voltage H-Bridge, 400VPre-Silicon
SLDig_CPU8051_1Digital8051 MCUSilicon Proven
SLDig_SPI_1DigitalSPI interfaceSilicon Proven
SLDig_I2C_1DigitalI2C interfaceSilicon Proven
SLDig_PCMI2S_1DigAudioPCM/I2S interfaceSilicon Proven
SLDig_AudioEncDecDigAudioAudio Encoder/Decoder, CVSDSilicon Proven
SLDig_AudioProcDigAudioAudio Signal Processing (Noise reduction, Equalizer, AGC and Beam-former)Silicon Proven

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