ADC Silicon IP

A/D Converter Silicon IP

ShortLink has developed several A/D Converters in various topoligies for different applications. The main two series are SAR ADCs for monitoring purposes, and Sigma Delta for higher performance applications. Our high-performance ADCs are typically used for Sensor/MEMS applications and Radio Transceivers.

This page contains information on one of our SAR ADCs with integrated temperature sensor, and some of our latest Sigma Delta ADCs. All our designs are configurable, and can be tailored for different applications.

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SAR ADC with Temperature Sensor

  • Perfect for voltage and temperature monitoring, with integrated temperature sensor
  • Complete Mixed-Signal ADC with integrated temperature sensor
  • Designed for low frequency and DC measurements, such as
    temperature and voltage monitoring
  • 12 bit, 20 kSPS Successive Approximation (SAR) ADC
    range 1.0 V Differential
  • Temperature range –40 to +125° C
  • INL 0.65 LSB, DNL 0.6 LSB
  • One point (room temperature) temperature calibration
  • Optional built-in bandgap reference voltage allows simple
  • ShortLink IP Part Number: ‘SL180_12bSARADC_1’
    • 180 nm high-voltage process.
    • Other process nodes (e.g. 40 nm TSMC) are available on request
SAR ADC Block Diagram

Sigma Delta ADC Portfolio

ShortLink has several Sigmal Delta ADC topologies that can be converted to various processes. 

  • Sigma Delta 32 MSPS (10 bit ENOB at 1 MHz)
    • Configurable filter output rate: 1, 2 or 4 mega words per second
    • ShortLink Part Number ‘SL40LP_10bSDADC_1 ’
    • 40 nm TSMC Low Power – other process nodes are available on request
  • Sigma Delta 8 MSPS (14 bit ENOB at 100 kHz)
    • ShortLink Part Number ‘SL150_14bSDADC_1’
    • 150 nm process – other process nodes (e.g. 40 nm TSMC) are available on request
  • Sigma Delta Contiuous Time (20 bit ENOB at 1 kHz)
    • ShortLink IP Part Number: ‘SL180_20bSDADC_1’
    • 180 nm high-voltage process –other process nodes (e.g. 40 nm TSMC) are available on request

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