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For over 25 years we have been dedicated to create next-generation technology for our customers, and we are always looking for the right people to join us, solving tomorrow’s challenges. We are always curious about everyone that is curious about us. 

It is our hope that this page will help you understand ShortLink. If you have any questions about us, or want to submit your application, you are very welcome to contact us at  

Why work at ShortLink?

Everyone has their own vision on what their perfect job would be. What is your drive?

Are you excited by intensive challenging workshops with great colleagues, or do you prefer to perfect a design block alone, from the comfort of your own home?

Do you want to work with systemization of projects spanning PCB Design, Software and Custom ASIC Designs, or would you rather become an expert on high-order Sigma Delta loop stability? 

All people are different, but all ShortLink employees share one thing: the love of technology. We are an organization of almost exclusively engineers, and it shows. We have asked some of our employees what they like about ShortLink and their reason for working here. 

Three perks of working at ShortLink

Advanced Technology

Here at ShortLink you will be challenged in implementing state of the art technology, especially in our Mixed-Signal ASIC development. We push the boundaries of what is possible to do, within the constraints of each project – be it power consumption, receiver gain or physical size.

In-House Projects​

The majority of our work is in-house projects, which means that you will work with the same colleagues and within our own processes and tools. In-house consulting means that you get to work on a wide variety of projects from different customers within the comfort of the ShortLink umbrella.

Varied Assignments​

Our agile organisation allows you to work in different roles and types of assignments, if you want. Pre-study work, systemization, analog or digital ASIC implementation, discrete electronics, test systems, supply chain management etc. If you prefer to become a specialist, that’s great! We see great value in our mix of specialists and generalists.

Open Positions

ShortLink is expanding, and we are now hiring both in Linköping and Karlstad. Below is a selection of the current open positions at ShortLink. We are always looking for talented and driven engineers, so if you don’t see a suitable position, you are of course welcom to send an open application. 

Please send your applications via e-mail, and include an up-to-date resume and a personal letter. The description for the open positions are purposely made short, since we are more interested in knowing who you are, what you have done, and what you want to do. Together we can discuss how you can fit in our organization, rather than specifying an exact position that we could fill. 

Analog ASIC-konstruktör

Som konstruktör på ShortLink får du vara med och utveckla nya unika produkter med spets. Vi arbetar med företag som behöver vår expertis inom ASIC-utveckling, ofta för att skapa marknadsledande produkter inom sitt segment. Det kan handla om uppkopplade sensorer, hörselhjälpmedel eller specialiserade produkter för industriell miljö. Bara för att ta några exempel. Om du vill veta mer är du varmt välkommen att höra av dig.


Som projektledare kommer du driva utvecklingsprojekt med ansvar över allt från specifikation till färdig produkt. Du kommer ha ett helhetsansvar över dina projekt, att specifikationer och tidsplaner följs, både internt och externt. Du kommer att leda dina egna projektgrupper och/eller ett antal delprojekt. Om du vill veta mer är du varmt välkommen att höra av dig.

Open Application

No suitable openings, but you want to work at ShortLink? We are always looking for talented and driven engineers. Please send us your resume and a personal letter describing yourself, your goals and why you think that you and ShortLink can become a great match! Send your application today.