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ShortLink has more than 25 years of ASIC (Application Specific Integrated Circuit) development experience, and a large catalog of IP to help our customers develop the optimal solution in an efficient manner. We have a complete workflow for turnkey ASIC, that goes from specification to tapeout. The workflow is based on ASIC EDA design tools from Cadence, and that is our own backyard where we are absolutely fluent. 

Our expertise, projects, and IP blocks span a variety of technologies, and semiconductor foundry companies. From deep sub-micron CMOS technologies to high voltage (400 V+) technology nodes. We are experienced in porting designs between process nodes and foundries – an invaluable skill to reduce risk and cost during development while maintaining flexibility.

A custom IC design is no longer only for large corporations. Thanks to modern tools, IP libraries and cutting-edge process technologies smaller companies can achieve a positive return of investment, earlier than ever before. The up-front cost of a custom ASIC is no longer the big hurdle that it once was.

Advantages of a custom ASIC

Replacing a number of separate discrete components with a customized ASIC can result in large cost savings, even at quite modest production quantities.

We can implement functionality that is not possible to implement using other methods, such as discrete circuits or FPGAs. We can reach higher performance, implement unique features, and optimize the silicon for your requirements.

An ASIC can be optimized for extremely low power consumption. We have experience on developing products with 10+ years battery life on a coin cell battery.

Very compact implementations are possible by utilizing ASIC and advanced packaging solutions. This is important for many product types including wearables, implants and even edible electronics, such as the Pill Camera developed by us.

An ASIC can offer a reduction of supply chain complexity and mitigation of risks, such as component end of life / last standby and new component revisions with changed behaviour. An ASIC also generally offers a reduction in the number of component suppliers and BOM rows.

Increase your resilience against IP theft and reverse engineering. A circuit board can easily be reverse engineered, and firmware code can be cloned. Reverse engineering an ASIC in a modern technology node is extremely time consuming and difficult, and putting a copy into production also represents a huge project.

Custom ASIC Design

Our main focus:

  • Low-power Mixed-Signal ASIC
  • Low-power RF ASIC
  • Analog, Mixed, Digital, and RF ASIC


In addition to RF ASIC, we are also skilled at designing ASICs for applications where extremely long battery life is required. These are often circuits with demanding analog functions together with micro-controllers on a single circuit, and are known known as “System-on-Chip”.

In some cases a multi-die solution is even better. In this case a dense digital design on one process, and a Mixed-Signal on another process, are placed in the same package, using SIP/MCM (Silicon In Package / Multi-Chip Module) technology. We will help you with trade-off analysis, to find the optimal solution for your product.

Over the years we have gained extensive experience with design solutions that outperform standard components in a given application. Often are these also extremely compact designs.

ASIC Design Services

ShortLink has all the competence, experience and design tools needed to design your custom ASIC, from beginning to end. We also offer our design services individually, and can help you with one or several parts of the development. Our services includes everything from pre-studies, system level architecture, analog and digital design, layout, simulation, verification, supply services, and more. Please contact us with your specific project for more information.

Supply Chain Services

ShortLink provides full turnkey ASIC manufacturing services, taking products from prototype to mass production, using the most suitable technologies available.

We have a flexible supply chain service that adapts to each customers unique needs and volumes. Our service includes all necessary steps from wafer procurement, probing, packaging, IC testing, storage and distribution of ICs.

FPGA Design and ASIC Conversion

In addition to our expertise in Digital ASIC design, we are also used to incorporate FPGAs in our projects. Often as a means to prototype and verify ASIC designs, but in some cases an FPGA can be the right choice for an end product as well. Our language of choice is VHDL. We perform FPGA to ASIC Conversions, either as purely digital designs or Mixed-Signal. 

Silicon IP

ShortLink has a large catalog of in-house developed IP blocks in a variety of technologies available for licensing. We also offer our ASIC-design services for new IP designs.

Sub-GHz RF System-on-Chip

One of our specialities is miniaturized wireless products. These often utilize custom System-on-Chip solutions with a state of the art integrated Sub-GHz RF transceiver. We combine our knowledge of RF system design, Sub-GHz technology, RF ASIC design, embedded system design with our Silicon IP library to achieve world leading performance and miniaturization.

We are in a partnership with Dolphin Design that provides a platform for System-on-Chip designs, with or without Sub-GHz connectivity. By leveraging each others IP library and strengths, we can offer a very capable platform to build to ASIC on. Read more on our dedicated GoASIC! Sub-GHz page.

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