Pill Camera for endoscopy

The Challenge

An endoscopic examination is generally a very unpleasant procedure. A thick tube is inserted down the patient’s throat in order to take internal images. A significantly more pleasant alternative is to use a small pill camera.

Inside the pill, a small video camera broadcasts images wirelessly from the entire gastrointestinal tract. In this way, the doctor can also see areas that are impossible to see with traditional endoscopy.

The challenge was not only to accommodate a complete video camera with a radio, a customized antenna, and a tiny battery in a capsule that could be swallowed – but also to design both camera and radio electronics to be extremely energy-efficient.

High-res imagery was required, which meant a high transmission speed; and despite the increased performance, the design still had to be more energy-efficient than previous generations. An extremely small battery had to supply all of the electronics for the entire journey through the body. Impossible for many suppliers, but not for us – this is where our extensive experience and truly unique expertise really shine.

The Solution

Following the systemization phase, it was apparent that the only way to achieve the desired performance was by designing an RF ASIC with integrated micro-controller, combined with a special antenna design. This meant that we were able to achieve image quality, transfer speed, and to minimize both energy consumption and physical size.

The Result

This pill camera has become the market leader and is replacing traditional endoscopy, which is obviously seen as a great benefit to the patient. Compared to other products on the market, it delivers the best image quality and reliability. It is also smaller than previous generation pill cameras, which makes it easier to swallow.

Relevant competencies: Systemization, Wireless: Antenna design, RF ASICs.