GoASIC! Sub-GHz ASIC Platform

Sub-GHz SoC ASIC Platform

ShortLink has partnered with Dolphin Design to streamline the design of Sub-GHz System-on-Chip ASICs. The SoC platform programme is called “GoASIC!” and allows us to provide a total IP solution. The platform is based on RISC–V or ARM, a suitable Mixed-Signal Sub-GHz Transceiver IP and necessary power IP. The platform can be equipped with high performance clocking, various ADC solutions, multiple cores, DSP/neural network acceleration, advanced power management, and more.

We select suitable building blocks, depending on the system requirements, and develop any application specific gaps as new IP or custom functionality. We can take on the entire development as a turn-key project, from specification to series production by utilizing our supply chain. You can read more about our ASIC design services here.

The platform is available in several modern process nodes. We offer porting of IP to other processes as part of the development project if needed. 

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions on how we can help you with your custom Sub-GHz SoC.

Platform Features

Sub-GHz Transceiver

Fully integrated Mixed-Signal Sub-GHz radio transceiver with various features sets in several process technologies.

AD Converters

Mixed-Signal ADC solutions from efficient SAR with integrated temperature monitoring to high performance sigma-delta converters. 


Solutions for various clock applications such as high performance crystal oscillators, low-power DCO and 2 GHz+ PLL solutions.


Support for RISC–V or ARM processing cores in single or dual core configurations. The platform is very power efficient and contains everything expected from a modern SoC.

DSP & Neural Network Accelerator

Accelerators ranging from DSPs to specialized neural network accelerators allow edge computing with advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Power Management

Complete power management solutions from efficient always-on LDO to high current DC/DC converters.

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