Embedded System Design

Embedded Hardware and Software Design

With more than 25 years of experience of advanced electronics development and performance optimization, we offer a complete service for electronics design at PCB level, and embedded software design. Based on your demands we produce an optimized design with circuit diagrams and layouts. We also carry out measurements, verifications and documentation.

Whether you need assistance in developing up to the prototype stage or all the way to production adaptation and serial production, you can expect a solution that does exactly what you need – and on-time delivery.

As specialists within the design of electronics for portable products, we have extensive experience of designing electronics platforms with high demands for low power consumption. These are often portable systems that need to last for a long time on a single small battery. This applies both to designs with discrete components at board level, as well as ASIC designs integrated on silicon.


How should the product work? What must it be able to do? The first stage in a development project is to meticulously examine what demands will be placed on the product. This often means that we write a structured requirement specification. Then we use our expertise and extensive experience to produce an optimized system solution.

There are often many ways to approach a product’s features and performance requirements. We have a proven record of finding optimal solutions for every product and application. Once systemization is in place, the next step is to implement the project. Moving from the drawing stage to construction is an electronic craft process that we are very familiar with.

Platform Development

Over the years we have designed a number of electronics platforms that make up the backbone of many successful products. By creating a platform for the electronics in a structured manner right from the beginning, more products and generations of products can be developed cost-effectively.

We have considerable experience of integrating key functions for a series of products into our customers’ platforms. We often utilize custom ASIC solutions which can provide advantages such as optimum performance and functionality, low power consumption and minimal size. In combination with the lowest possible production price, an ASIC solution can be a critical factor for success.

Through smart design and configurability, we create flexibility and shorten the development cycle for future products. For more than two decades, we have used our expertise within electronics platforms and radio to help our customers create and develop market-leading products. Now we look forward to collaborating with your company and helping you benefit from our services.

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