[Press Release] ShortLink AB and Dolphin Design partner to create a highly energy-efficient Sub-GHz ASIC design platform

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Karlstad, 11 November 2022: ShortLink AB and Dolphin Design, a leader in silicon IPs for Very Edge Computing embedding AI and a subsidiary of Soitec, an industry leader in designing and manufacturing innovative semiconductor materials, announce their partnership in the frame of Dolphin Design’s GoASIC! Program. The two companies bring together their respective breakthrough IPs and SoC design expertise to build a comprehensive design platform for the design of Sub-GHz enabled wireless ASICs.

The GoASIC! Sub-GHz design platform combines ShortLink and Dolphin Design complementary silicon IPs. It aims at providing a total silicon IP solution to grant the fastest, safest, and most cost-effective design of custom-made and highly energy-efficient Sub-GHz Application Specific Integrated Circuits (ASICs). 

Such Sub-GHz ASICs can be based either on RISC-V or ARM cores and can integrate a suitable mixed signal Sub-GHz transceiver IP together with a complete power management system. The design platform also encompasses high-performance clocking, various ADC solutions, multiple cores, DSP/neural network acceleration, and more features that speed up the safe design of custom ASICs.

Philippe Berger, Dolphin Design CEO: “We are proud to have Shortlink as one of the first partners to enter the GoASIC! program. Dolphin Design’s GoASIC! program grants system makers access to a network of semiconductor experts that can help them build integrated circuits customized for their needs in terms of features, performance, and security. Through this program, we minimize their time-to-market while streamlining and securing the supply chain. The high level of integration that we can support both reduces the product form factor and improves the BoM cost structure.

This partnership will allow more companies to embrace ASIC technology. It is important that such ASIC technology becomes more accessible, especially considering today’s global uncertainties. By lowering entry barriers to ASICs we allow more companies to take control of their supply chain and technology stack. It will also enable us to reach new customers and partnerships” – says August Pansell, chairman of the board at ShortLink

Suitable building blocks are selected based on the system requirements and any application-specific gaps are implemented as new silicon IP or custom functionality. Projects can be handled as turn-key projects from specification to series production by leveraging extensive supply chain partnerships.

August Pansell continues: “We believe that the GoASIC! Sub-GHz program is perfect for many applications related to the Internet of Things. We see a great demand when it comes to smart grids, power metering, industry 4.0, and agricultural applications. We have also seen projects for connecting renewable energy sources which is a fantastic application”.

The semiconductor shortage has prompted many companies to consider a custom ASIC to increase control over their supply chain. The increasing polarisation and uncertainties in the world have shown the importance of controlling and understanding the technology and manufacturing required for your company. 

About ShortLink

ShortLink AB has over 25 years of experience in the development of mixed-signal wireless ASICs. We offer a complete workflow for turnkey ASIC development, from specification to tape-out and manufacturing. Our expertise, projects and IP blocks span a variety of technologies and semiconductor foundry companies from deep sub-micron CMOS technologies to high voltage (400V+) technology nodes. We are experienced in porting designs between process nodes and foundries – an invaluable skill to reduce risk and cost during development while maintaining flexibility.

Website: https://shortlink.se/


About Dolphin Design

DOLPHIN DESIGN, a subsidiary of Soitec, is a fast-growing IP provider and Turnkey Design Service company. Their unique know-how in optimizing energy efficiency earned Dolphin Design the honor of being one of the 1,000 companies worldwide to receive the Solar Impulse label. Dolphin Design enables companies to realize their vision in different verticals such as edge IoT, AIoT, multimedia, AI and 5G, or automotive and aerospace markets wherever energy efficiency and/or low power consumption is a necessity.

Our mantra to our customers is simple: “Tell us your biggest dream. Dare the impossible. We make it happen”.

For more information, please visit https://www.dolphin-design.fr/