Press Release: ShortLink AB opens up for Silicon IP licensing

Press Release: ShortLink AB opens up for Silicon IP Licensing

ShortLink AB is launching a new ASIC Silicon IP block licensing model allowing its core technology to reach a wider market. With over 25 years of experience in the development of mixed-signal wireless ASICs, ShortLink has a successful track record of re-using IP blocks between customer projects. The new Silicon IP licensing model allows other ASIC developers to access the analog and mixed-signal IP blocks developed at ShortLink.

August Pansell, chairman of the board at ShortLink says: “It is important that this technology becomes more accessible in Sweden and Europe. Especially considering the polarisation and semiconductor shortage that we see globally. In order to ease the industry transition that we foresee the coming years, we will allow other designers to use our technology for the first time”.

The semiconductor shortage has prompted many companies to consider a custom ASIC to increase control over their supply chain and strategic components. The increasing uncertainties in the world have shown the importance of controlling and understanding the technology and supply chain required for your products.

August Pansell continues: “We have a state-of-the-art portfolio of mixed-signal Sub-GHz radio IP transceivers. We also have competitive mixed-signal IPs in other areas including oscillators, PLLs, and ADCs. Opening up our IPs for licensing will allow more companies to take control of their supply chain and technology stack. It will also enable us to reach new customers and partnerships.”

ShortLink has seen an increase in IP block license requests. This increase is expected as ASIC designers increasingly favor basing a design on a combination of existing IPs with a smaller fully custom part.

ShortLink offers its IP blocks as-is or tailored to specific requirements. IP block customization can range from parameter tweaking, porting between process nodes, or the addition of new functionality.


About ShortLink

ShortLink AB is a “fabless” ASIC developer with over 25 years of experience in the development of mixed-signal wireless ASICs. ShortLink offers a complete workflow for turnkey ASIC development, from specification to tape-out and supply chain management for mass production. Our expertise, projects, and IP blocks span a variety of technologies and semiconductor foundry companies from deep sub-micron CMOS technologies to high voltage (400V+) technology nodes. We are experienced in porting designs between process nodes and foundries – an invaluable skill to reduce risk and cost during development while maintaining flexibility.