Welding Visor

The Challenge

When you weld, it is extremely important to use a good safety visor which protects your eyes from the harmful light which is generated by the welding arc or flame. Today, electronic protection is available which uses liquid crystals to darken the visor and protect the eyes at the same time that you see as much as possible, increasing effectiveness and minimizing the risk of injury. Electronics are required to control the movements of the crystals, and our assignment was to develop an extremely energy-efficient and compact control circuit. The challenge was to combine rapid, exact control of the visor during the product’s lifetime without requiring a change of battery. In addition, the product had to function in extremely tough environments and cope with rough handling, year after year.

The Solution

The demand for a compact control circuit with extremely low power consumption and low manufacturing costs led us rapidly to a customer-specific, specialized ASIC solution. This is one of our core competencies and we have developed an ASIC circuit that fulfills all requirements in terms of function and performance. Measurement and verification were carried out by our Test Center.

The Result

Today, the protective visor is a high volume product, and one which is market leading in the premium segment. It fulfills the customers’ requirements, and facilitates the work of hundreds of thousands of welders every day.

Relevant skills: ASIC development and design. Test Center: function and environmental testing.